Brian D Addlestone

Brian is a founding partner, having started the firm in 1992. He has over 20 years experience in the field of Commercial Litigation, both in the High Court and County Court, and he also advises on various forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.

Brian has a wide ranging client base, from sole traders to PLCs and major financial institutions. He takes pride in the fact that he continues to be personally involved with his own cases and not just in a supervisory or managerial capacity.

Brian's relaxed and personable approach is appreciated by his clients and contacts alike. He is always willing to talk openly and freely about the practical implications of disputes (including the awkward question of costs) and, at the same time, offer an early assessment of the merits of a particular case, before his clients find themselves drawn into potentially lengthy and expensive disputes.

Brian is married with three children and likes to wind down by playing tennis or tootling on his tenor sax.